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Hello 2017! Basically what went on in 2016...

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Well hello there 2017! It has been about a month since my last post and I figured I would start with a 'Dear 2016'. So here goes...

Dear 2016, for the most part you were absolute rubbish. The first 8 months was very trying. I was going through a personal challenge that made me lose focus with life, work and the blog. I was just out of sync with everything. Depression hit hard. I tried to bounce back so many times but it just felt pointless.

At the end of August something clicked and I decided to paw myself out of the mental and emotional mess I was in and sort myself out. The last four months I started to heal. I slowly eased myself back into a proper routine and it helped. In time I'm sure everything will be ok. Currently I'm in a much better state of of mind.

That's the reason why 2016 postings were sparse. I thought I had to say something about it because I noticed some of you guys do check back for latest review updates. For you guys who are still reading the blog thank you so much, you guys are awesome. For those few friends that supported me through out the episode, I'm grateful. For the brands that still gave me oppurtunities to work with them despite the lack of updates, I really appreciate it.

I plan to get back to regular postings this year especially since I have been trying out a bunch of fantastic stuff over the past few months. Here's to hoping writing is still some what a thing. Wishing you guys a fulfilling 2017! I'll be back in a few winks.

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